By Frelle Petersen

Bodil Award for Best Danish Film 2023

Official Selection at the 70th San Sebastián Film Festival

'It’s a lovely, if elegantly unshowy, package, with performances which work as a true ensemble. Perhaps it’s the endless cups of coffee, the constant talk of cake, but Forever hugs the audience in for a warm familial embrace before splitting into a fractured mirror of before and after.'

- Screen Daily


Original title: RESTEN AF LIVET
Director: Frelle Petersen
Cast: Jette Søndergaard, Mette Munk Plum, Ole Sørensen, Eskil Tonnesen, Lasse Lorenzen
Genre: Drama
Duration: 110 min
Language: Danish
Country of origin: Denmark
Scriptwriter: Frelle Petersen
Cinematographer: Jørgen Johansson DFF
Editor: Frelle Petersen
Production Company: Zentropa Entertainments3
Producers: Jonas Bagger
Production year: 2022
Budget EUR: 2M
Local release: 07-07-2022
Film status: Completed

When Lily loses her brother, and Egon and Maren their son, the family is thrown into a deep crisis. Now the three of them need to find their way back to life and to reconstitute the family.

FOREVER is a life-affirming family drama set in Southern Jutland, the southernmost corner of Denmark.



Festival overview

Official Selection at the 70th San Sebastián Film Festival       

Official Selection at Hamburg FilmFest GmbH 2022

Official Selection at Tromsø International Film Festival 2023