By Isabella Carbonell

Official Selection at the 37th Venice International Critics' Week

'A tightly focused, pulsing tale of conscience and conflict.
(...) This is a film that reflects the inequalities of a world in which the poor are getting poorer and the rich think they can do whatever they like. There is real dimension to a tense tale that confirms Carbonell as a talent to watch.'

- Screen Daily


Original title: DOGBORN
Director: Isabella Carbonell
Cast: Silvana Imam, Philip Oros, Emma Lu, Mia Liu
Genre: Suspense Drama
Duration: 84 min
Language: Swedish
Additional Languages: English, Lithuanian
Country of origin: Sweden
Scriptwriter: Isabella Carbonell
Cinematographer: Maja Dennhag
Editor: Linda Jildmalm
Production Company: Momento Film
Producers: Farima Karimi, Erik Andersson, David Herdies
Production year: 2022
Budget EUR: 1M
Local release: 10-02-2023
Film status: Completed

Homeless and invisible - the Twins are constantly struggling to survive. Sister is a ticking time bomb; her screams are loud. Brother, on the other hand, doesn’t speak, but rather screams inwards. Their dream of a real home leads to an unexpected job opportunity that sounds simple enough: transport goods from point A to point B. But when the goods appear in the form of two young girls, the unspeakable happens: a rift suddenly occurs between Brother and Sister. Over the course of two intense days the twins are forced to make a life-altering decision: how far are they willing to go in their quest for a better future?





Festival overview

Official Selection at the 37th Venice International Critics' Week

Official Selection at Göteborg Film Festival 2023

Official Selection at Oslo Pix Film Festival 2023