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We are pleased to announce that three more TrustNordisk titles, Malou Reymann's feature 'UNRULY', Martin Skovbjerg's COPEANHAGEN DOES NOT EXIST and Katrine Brock's drama 'THE GREAT SILENCE, have been selected for the Göteborg Film Festival 2023. The three films thereby joins previously announced debut feature by Isabella Carbonell DOGBORN that premiered in Venice Critics' Week.

Copenhagen, 10 January 2023 – Göteborg Film Festival has announced its full programme, which includes official selection of four TrustNordisk titles to compete at this year’s festival. Malou Reymann’s UNRULY, Martin Skovbjerg's COPEANHAGEN DOES NOT EXIST and Isabella Carbonell's DOGBORN was selected for Nordic competition The Dragon Awards and Katrine Brocks THE GREAT SILENCE in the Nordic Light section. Isabella Carbonell's DOGBORN was selected in an early announcement last year. 

UNRULY, a historical drama directed by Malou Reymann about the notorious women's institution on the Danish Island of Sprogø, has been nominated in the main Nordic Competition The Dragon Awards. UNRULY had its world premiere at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival and received rave reviews from international critics.

UNRULY marks the talented Malou Reymann’s sophomore feature, after the success with her debut feature A PERFECTLY NORMAL FAMILY (2020), which won the Big Screen Award at Rotterdam International Film Festival in 2020 and was subsequently selected for various international festivals, here among Göteborg Film Festival 2020 and the Danish Film Awards 2021.

MAREN, a strong-minded young woman, is seen by authorities to be ill-mannered and promiscuous. Concerned her unruly behavior will incite others, she is sent away to an women’s institution on the small island of Sprogø. Here she is to learn how to behave as a proper young woman. She must share a room with SØRINE who has already internalized the story about herself and has learned to behave properly. Sørine is to help Maren settle in Sprogø and help her change her behavior, but Maren’s refusal to comply with the system leads to terrible consequences for both. The film is inspired by actual events of the women’s institution of Sprogø in Denmark in the 1930’s.

UNRULY is directed by Malou Reymann and written by Malou Reymann and Sara Isabella Jønsson and produced by Matilda Appelin for Nordisk Film Production A/S. The film is co-produced by Nordisk Film Production Sverige AS with support from Danish Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute and DR. International sales are handled by TrustNordisk. 

UNRULY will release locally on 9 March 2023.
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A woman is missing in super-stylish thriller where a father takes his daughter’s boyfriend to an empty apartment and starts a peculiar interrogation. Based on Oscar-nominated screenwriter Eskil Vogt’s (THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD 2021) fascinating script about love and isolation, Martin Skovbjerg (STICKS AND STONES 2018) confidently sculpts an evocative and thought-provoking film instilled with both Hitchcock and Polanski. 
COPENHAGEN DOES NOT EXIST is nominated in the main Nordic Competition The Dragon Awards.

A young woman has disappeared without a trace. Three months later her boyfriend agrees to an unusual arrangement: to be locked in an apartment and interrogated by the woman’s father. It soon becomes obvious that even long before her disappearance, the two lovers had chosen a strange and unconventional life: cut off from the world, isolated in the middle of the big city.

COPENHAGEN DOES NOT EXIST is directed by Martin Skovbjerg, written by Eskil Vogt and produced by Eva Jakobsen, Mikkel Jersin and Katrin Pors for Snowglobe. The film is co-produced by Oslo Pictures, Zentropa Sweden and Don’t Look Now with support from the Danish Film Institute, the Norwegian Film Institute, the Swedish Film Institute, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Euromages, The Media Program of the European Union, in collaboration with Danish Broadcasting Corp., SVT. Domestic distribution by Scanbox Entertainment. International sales handled by TrustNordisk.

COPENHAGEN DOES NOT EXIST is set to release locally on 9 February 2023. 
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Screening out of competition in the Nordic Light programme is THE GREAT SILENCE written and directed by debut director Katrine Brocks and produced by Pernille Tornøe of Copenhagen-based Monolit Film. The film was selected for San Sebastian Film Festival, where it celebrated its world premiere and received standing ovations. The film also won Best Nordic Project Award at the Finnish Film Affair 2021 just as footage was also presented at Goteborg's Nordic Film Market Works in Progress 2022 making it full circle for the film and crew to be selected for the Nordic Light section.

The film is a suspenseful drama, where the main character Alma seeks redemption and peace as a nun in a Catholic convent, but dark secrets lurk under the surface waiting to confront Alma. Katrine Brocks utilizes the unique setting of the convent, the director reflects on such important, complex issues as faith forgiveness and guilt.

29-year-old Alma lives a quiet life in a contemporary Catholic convent and is preparing to take her perpetual vows as a nun when her brother Erik unexpectedly arrives after many years apart. Erik, a recovering alcoholic, wants his share of the inheritance from their late father. However, his presence quickly unearths a much deeper deceit between them – a terrible accident from their past, which Alma has desperately tried to suppress. With the ceremony impending, Alma is haunted by resurfacing trauma and all that was previously invisible is now written on the walls.

THE GREAT SILENCE is directed and written by Katrine Brocks, co-written by Marianne Lentz, and produced by Pernille Tornøe for Monolit Film. The film is supported by the Danish Film Institute / New Danish Screen. Nordic distribution is handled by Scanbox Entertainment. International sales are handled by TrustNordisk. 

THE GREAT SILENCE will release locally on 12 January 2023.
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DOGBORN is nominated in the main Nordic Competition The Dragon Awards, where it will compete with UNRULY and COPENHAGEN DOES NOT EXIST. Director Isabella Carbonell won at Venice International Critics’ Week 2022 in the 'Best Director' (Autrici under 40) category, with her suspenseful drama DOGBORN.

DOGBORN was announced for competition 28 December 2022 and it will compete with five other films in the Nordic Competition The Dragon Award - read the full article here.

DOGBORN will release locally on 10 February 2023.
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