By Shariff Korver


Original title: DO NOT HESITATE
Director: Shariff Korver
Cast: Joes Brauers, Spencer Bogaert, Tobias Kersloot
Genre: Suspense Drama
Duration: 90 min
Language: Dutch
Additional Languages: English
Country of origin: Netherlands
Scriptwriter: Jolein Laarman
Cinematographer: Nadim Carlsen
Editor: Ruben Van Der Hammen
Production Company: Lemming Film
Producers: Erik Glijnis
Production year: 2021
Executive producers: Judy Tossel
Budget EUR: 2.2M
Local release: 11-11-2021
Film status: Completed

During a peacekeeping mission in the Middle East, a Dutch military convoy is forced to split up in the middle of desolate mountains as one of the vehicles suddenly slides off the road. Three young soldiers, Erik, Roy and Thomas, are commanded to stay behind to guard the vehicle. Frightened by some rustling in the bushes, Thomas accidentally shoots and kills a goat. The rightful owner presents himself, 14-year-old goatherd Khalil, who is furious at the soldiers and refuses to leave the site. After this, disastrous events begin to pile up. When a local caravan ambushes them and steals their water and food supply, the three soldiers are forced to follow Khalil into hostile territory in a desperate search for water. Slowly, paranoia begins to disseminate. Where is Khalil actually leading them and can they really trust him?