We are proud to announce that Shariff Korver’s intense war-drama DO NOT HESITATE has been selected for the International Narrative Competition at Tribeca Film Festival 2021.The festival will take place from 9-20 June in New York City and online, and will be the world premiere of the film.

Director, Shariff Korver, comments:
“When I heard that we were selected for Tribeca, I was ecstatic! What an amazing place to show your film to an audience for the very first time. I’m counting the days until the start of the festival, and of course even more so for the premiere of my film.”
Korver’s debut feature film INFILTRANT was selected for Toronto International Film Festival in 2014 and was subsequently selected for various international festivals, here among First Time Fest in New York, where he won the award for Best Film and Best Director.
The script is written by critically acclaimed screenwriter Jolein Laarman (KATIA’S SISTER, 2008; KAUWBOY, 2012) and cinematographer Nadim Carlsen, known for his work on the Cannes-winning feature BORDER (2018), is behind the camera.
Erik Glijnis, Leontine Petit & Emily Morgan are producing for Lemming Film, one of the leading film and drama series production companies in The Netherlands. Among their most recent (co-)productions are PLEASURE (2021), DEAD AND BEAUTIFUL (2021), MONOS (2019), ZAMA (2017) and THE LOBSTER (2015).  

DO NOT HESITATE features an exciting cast of talented up-and-coming Dutch actors, including Joes Brauers, Spencer Bogaert, Tobias Kersloot and Omar Alwan.
On a peacekeeping mission in the Middle East, a Dutch military convoy is forced to split up in the middle of desolate mountains as one of the vehicles suddenly slides off the road. Three young soldiers, Erik, Roy and Thomas, are commanded to stay behind to guard the vehicle. Frightened by some rustling in the bushes, Thomas accidentally shoots and kills a goat. The rightful owner presents himself, 14-year-old goatherd Khalil, who is furious at the soldiers and refuses to leave the site. 
Disastrous events now begin to pile up. When a local caravan ambushes them and steals their water and food supply, the three soldiers are forced to follow Khalil into hostile territory in a desperate search for water. Slowly, paranoia begins to disseminate. Where is Khalil leading them and can they really trust him?
DO NOT HESITATE is produced by Erik Glijnis, Leontine Petit & Emily Morgan for Lemming Film and co-produced by Konstantinos Kontovrakis & Giorgos Karnavas for Heretic and Marina Blok for NTR-public broadcaster with support from the Netherlands Film Fund, Netherlands Film Fund production incentive, CoBO fund, Greek Film Center, EKOME, in collaboration with September Film, with the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. International sales by TrustNordisk.
Local distribution by September Film.
Expected local release Fall 2021.


Film info

Film title

Do Not Hesitate


Shariff Korver


Suspense Drama


90 min


EUR 2.2 M