By Amanda Kernell


Original title: CHARTER
Director: Amanda Kernell
Cast: Ane Dahl Torp, Troy Lundkvist, Tintin Poggats Sarri, Sverrir Gudnason, Eva Melander, Siw Erixon
Genre: Drama
Duration: 94 min
Language: SWEDISH
Country of origin: Sweden
Scriptwriter: Amanda Kernell
Cinematographer: Sophia Olsson
Editor: Anders Skov
Producers: Lars G Lindström, Eva Åkergren
Production year: 2020
Executive producers: Henrik Zein
Budget EUR: 3.7M
Local release: 13-03-2020
Film status: Internationally Premiered

Alice hasn't seen her two children in months. After a recent and difficult divorce, her ex-husband keeps them from her as they await the final custody verdict in Northern Sweden. But when her son calls her in the middle of the night weeping helplessly, Alice can wait no longer. In a last and desperate attempt, Alice arrives in the North, only to have her hopes of reconciliation with her children dashed upon arrival. Now just one path remains open to her: Alice abducts the children and heads to a charter resort in the Canary Islands. With the clock ticking, Alice does what she can to rekindle her children's love and trust under the pressure of discovery and the risk of losing them completely.