The Polar Bear Prince

By Mikkel B. Sandemose

Based on one of Scandinavia's most beloved folk tales.

A 2D-animated family film directed by Mikkel B. Sandemose with character designs by Peter de Sève, known for his work on MULAN, the ICE AGE SERIES, and FINDING NEMO.


Title: The Polar Bear Prince
Original title: Kvitebjørn
Director: Mikkel B. Sandemose
Genre: Children / Animation
Duration: 90 min
Language: Norwegian
Additional Languages: English
Country of origin: Norway
Scriptwriter: Maja Lunde
Production Company: Maipo Film AS, Nordisk Film
Producers: Cornelia Boysen
Production year: 2024
Executive producers: Synnøve Hørsdal
Budget EUR: 8.2M
Local release: 25-12-2024
Film status: In production

The fearless, curious and adventurous girl, Liv dreams of leaving her home in the woods. When the polar bear Valemon offers her family a way out of poverty if she comes with him, she accepts. A compassionate friendship starts to form between the two, a friendship that could well turn into something deeper. For Valemon is not only a bear, but a prince who was once cursed by a witch. Fearless as she is, and with her charming animal friends by her side, Liv sets out on a journey to confront the dangerous witch and save Prince Valemon.

It is a story of love, greed and courage, packed with suspense, humour, great music and breathtaking scenery.




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