By Antti Jokinen


Title: PURGE
Original title: PUHDISTUS
Director: Antti Jokinen
Cast: Liisi Tandefelt, Laura Birn, Krista Kosonen, Peter Franzén, Tommi Korpela
Genre: Drama
Duration: 125 min
Language: FINNISH
Country of origin: Finland
Scriptwriter: Marko Leino, Antti Jokinen, based on a book by Sofi Oksanen
Cinematographer: Rauno Ronkainen
Editor: kimmo Taavila
Production Company: Solar Films inc.,
Producers: Solar Films: Jukka Helle, Markus Selin, Taska Film: Kristian Taska, Maria Avdjushko
Production year: 2011
Budget EUR: 2.3M
Local release: 07-09-2012
Film status: Internationally Premiered

Two women from two different eras linked by separate tales of deceit, desperation - and fear. Aliide has experienced the horrors of the Stalin era and the deportation of Estonians to Siberia. Zara has just escaped from the claws of the Russian mafia who held her as a sex slave Aliide and Zara engage in a complex arithmetic of suspicion and revelation to distill each other’s motives. Gradually, their stories emerge, with the culmination of a tragic family drama of rivalry, lust, and loss.





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