By Pål Øie


Original title: KRAKEN
Director: Pål Øie
Genre: Action Thriller
Duration: 90 min
Language: Norwegian Bokmål
Country of origin: Norway
Scriptwriter: Vilde Eide
Cinematographer: Sjur Aarthun
Editor: Sjur Aarthun
Production Company: Nordisk Film Production AS
Producers: John Einar Hagen, Einar Loftesnes
Production year: 2024
Executive producers: Sveinung Golimo
Budget EUR: 5.3M
Film status: In pre-production

Johanne is a marine biologist who is doing research on a fish farm in Vangsnes, a rural community located by the fjord, when she encounters several strange occurrences. Along with the brutal deaths of two local teenagers, all signs are pointing to the deep fjord; can there be more to the depths than the eye can see? 

At the bottom of Norway’s deepest fjord rests a mythical monster as large as a mountain, with a myriad of arms ready to crush and devour anything they can grab.