Original title: TSUNAMI
Director: Henrik Georgsson
Cast: Henrik Norlén, Liv Mjönäs, Rufus Glaser, Louise Peterhoff, Fredrik Lycke, Thure Lindhardt
Genre: Drama
Duration: 60 min per episode
Episodes: 3
Language: SWEDISH
Country of origin: Sweden
Scriptwriter: Sara Kadefors
Cinematographer: Jørgen Johansson
Editor: Sofia Lindgren
Production Company: Filmlance International AB
Producers: Anders Landström
Production year: 2019
Executive producers: Anna Croneman, Joakim Rang Strand, Petri Kemppinen, Torleif Hauge
Budget EUR: 2.9M
Status: Internationally Premiered

December 2004. Tomas, the head of an aid organization, is a central figure in the lives of a handful of people. His friend and colleague, Abbe, has defrauded the organization of money, and a journalist, Sara, thinks that Tomas is the one to blame. Emelie is planning to leave her dying husband for Tomas, while in the meantime he goes to Thailand with his stepson for Christmas, to try to fix their relationship. When he comes back, his plan is to leave his wife. As everyone wakes up on the 26th December, the reality of catastrophe slowly starts to sink iSara's article, accusing Tomas of being a thief, is published the same day that he disappears in the tsunami. Many people are affected by his absence. How can Sara save her job and article, in which she has wrongly accused Tomas? Will Abbe let Tomas take the blame for what he did? In panic, Emelie goes to see Tomas' wife Nina, under the auspices of trying to get closer to her in the midst of this unthinkable tragedy.