THE DREAMER - Becoming Karen Blixen


Title: THE DREAMER - Becoming Karen Blixen
Original title: DRØMMEREN - Karen Blixen bliver til
Director: Jeanette Nordahl
Cast: Connie Nielsen
Genre: Drama
Duration: 50 min per episode
Episodes: 6
Language: Danish
Additional Languages: English
Country of origin: Denmark
Scriptwriter: Dunja Gry Jensen (creator)
Cinematographer: Aske Alexander Foss
Editor: Nicolaj Monberg, Rasmus Gitz-Johansen
Production Company: Zentropa Episode ApS
Producers: Marie Cecilie Gade, Karoline Leth og Charlotte Hjordt
Production year: 2021
Budget EUR: 10M
Film status: In post-production

Created by Dunja Gry Jensen, based on the idea by Connie Nielsen, Karoline Leth and Dunja Gry Jensen.

After seventeen years in Kenya, Karen has lost everything – love, money, work, home and health. The series portrays a woman who struggles to escape her own demons, the expectations of her family as well as social norms to gain personal liberty and become her true self. From her absolute nadir and in a state of frail desolation, it is a story about how she finds the strength to turn her defeat into triumph and emerge as a unique artist.

It is the story of how Karen Blixen (1885 - 1962) becomes a writer.