Original title: SUNDAY
Director: Jesper Rofelt
Cast: Melvin Kakooza, Anders Brink, Thue Ersted
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 23 min per episode
Episodes: 32
Language: Danish
Country of origin: Danmark
Scriptwriter: Søren Felbo, Jesper Rofelt
Cinematographer: Jacob Banke Olesen
Editor: Henrik Vincent Thiesen, Line Gellert
Producers: Tanja Paik
Production year: 2022
Executive producers: Maj-Britt Landin, Linda Etgar , Keld Reinicke
Status: Completed

SUNDAY is the ultimate fish-out-of-water tale. Placing a football club in a small rural town in Denmark at centre stage, the show comedically and lovingly exhibits cultural differences with a tongue-in-cheek approach.The story revolves around the good natured and always positive Sunday from Kenya who – very far from home – is trying to figure everything out in a country, culture and sport that are all unknown to him.