By N/A


Title: PETZI
Original title: RASMUS KLUMP
Director: N/A
Genre: Thriller
Episodes: 52
Language: Danish
Production year: 1997
Film status: Internationally Premiered

Petzi is the very successful creation of Danish artist Vilhelm Hansen, who originated the little tyke and his entourage in 1951 for syndication as a daily strip. Petzi is a little teddy bear living in a world of fantasy. He has a heart of gold and an unlimited trust that everyone he meets only wishes him and each other the best and in his world that is luckily also the case. Petzi is joined by his three good friends; Pelle, the pelican, Pingo, the penguin and the sea lion, Old Salt. They visit various places and attempt to solve the challenges they meet when they sail around the seven seas on the good ship Mary. The journeys end in the cozy kitchen of Petzi's mother, Mary, where there is freshly baked pancakes.