By Peter Schrøder


Title: LOTTO
Original title: LOTTO
Director: Peter Schrøder
Cast: Ditte Gråbøl, Søren Pilmark
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 90 min
Language: Danish
Country of origin: Denmark
Scriptwriter: Ina Bruhn, Anne-Marie Olesen, Lars Mering
Cinematographer: Philippe Kress, DFF
Editor: Grete Møldrup
Producers: Monica Steenberg
Production year: 2006
Executive producers: Kim Magnusson
Local release: 09-06-2006

Jørgen works at a factory in the suburbs, where he manages the lotto club. He is a good and popular man - better than most people - if you ask him . For years the colleagues have collectively bought lotto coupons, and for years Jørgen has bought an extra coupon for his wife, Gitte One day he has the winner coupon in his hand, the coupon he bought for the club And the jackpot is 3,6 million crones. But what if the winner coupon were his wife's? It COULD have been their own private coupon. Such coupons look so much alike you know…