By Linda-Maria Birbeck, Klas Karterud


Original title: DRAKHJÄRTA
Director: Linda-Maria Birbeck, Klas Karterud
Cast: Malte Legros-Selander, Magnus Schmitz, Magnus Mark, Chatarina Larsson, Bill Hugg
Genre: Family
Duration: 77 min
Episodes: 10
Language: SWEDISH
Country of origin: Sweden
Scriptwriter: Linda-Maria Birbeck, Klas Karterud
Cinematographer: Tomaz Blanck
Editor: Johan von Brömssen (TV) / Ulrika Rang (feature film)
Production Company: MINT AB
Producers: Helene Mohlin, Leif Mohlin
Production year: 2016
Executive producers: Johanna Gårdare
Film status: Internationally Premiered

Nisse is 11 years old and his mother has just passed away. Before she died she gave Nisse a lizard named Harry. It turns out Harry can talk and that he's in fact a small, funny fire-breathing dragon. Harry takes it on himself to help Nisse get a dragon heart. It's almost Christmas and everything just reminds Nisse of his dead mother. She used to love Christmas and now when she's gone all the christmas cheer just makes Nisse angry and sad. Harry helps Nisse handle both school and Christmas. When his unemployed Dad does something really stupid The Dragonheart is put to trial, will Nisse be strong enough to handle it?