By Niclas Bendixen


Original title: DITTE & LOUISE
Director: Niclas Bendixen
Cast: Ditte Hansen, Louise Mieritz, Anders W. Berthelsen, Lotte Andersen, Adam Brix, Marijana Jankovic,
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 103 min
Language: Danish
Additional Languages: French
Country of origin: Denmark
Cinematographer: Manuel Alberto Claro
Editor: Lars Therkelsen, Jakob Juul Toldam
Production Company: Nordisk Film Production A/S
Producers: Thomas Heinesen
Production year: 2018
Executive producers: Henrik Zein, Lena Haugaard

Ditte and Louise are two middle-aged actresses and best friends. Together they form a comedy duo, which travels around the country. Louise has accepted that the entertainment industry can't offer her more and when Ditte dreams of something bigger, Louise keeps her initiative down. Ditte decides to do something wild: She dresses up as a man and as "Ditlev" she gets big film roles and becomes a success in the film industry. But she also fails her best friend Louise, and their shared dream. When abandoned by Ditte, Louise throws herself into a relationship with a man instead. A relationship which, in her desperation, she destroys. Ditte and Louise begin to drift apart and everything goes wrong when Louise finds out that Ditte has had sex - with Louise's father, of all people - Ditte's deception as Ditlev ends in a humiliating revelation where Ditte is frozen out of the film industry. The two women seem to lose everything they thought they wanted instead of finding themselves. The gold is in their friendship.