By Simon Sandquist

Featuring Omar Rudberg known from the hit series YOUNG ROYALS


Original title: Karusell
Director: Simon Sandquist
Cast: Omar Rudberg, Wilma Lidén, Amanda Lindh, Ludvig Deltin, Emil Algpeus, Embla Ingelman-Sundberg
Genre: Horror
Duration: 90 min
Language: Swedish
Country of origin: Sweden
Scriptwriter: Mårten Gisby, Henry Stenberg, Filip Hammarström
Cinematographer: Andres Rignell
Editor: Simon Sandquist
Production Company: Scandinavian Content Group
Producers: David Ovsepian, Filip Hammarström
Production year: 2023
Executive producers: Hans Engholm, Börje Hansson
Budget EUR: 2.1M
Local release: 20-10-2023
Film status: Completed

Fiona, a park ranger, must look after some former high school friends who won an exclusive sneak peek of Halloween at an amusement park - a whole night, all to themselves. Cotton candy, popcorn, and merry-go-round replace each other, but the fun quickly turns bloody serious, when they realize they are not alone in the park. Old sins resurface as the youths are forced to confront their past to survive the night.