By Oskar Mellander


Original title: Canceled
Director: Oskar Mellander
Cast: Vincent Grahl, Fanny Klefelt, William Wasberg, Felicia Kartal, Emma Valev
Genre: Horror
Duration: 96 min
Language: Swedish
Country of origin: Sweden
Scriptwriter: Paolo Vacirca, Henry Stenberg
Cinematographer: Mårten Stenberg
Editor: Tomas Holmberg, Mattias Håkansson
Production Company: Scandinavian Content Group
Producers: Paolo Vacirca, Alexander Eriksson, Joakim Lundell
Production year: 2023
Executive producers: Hans Engholm, Börje Hansson, Rasmus Krogh
Budget EUR: EUR2.3M
Local release: 25-08-2023
Film status: Post-production

A charismatic TV host Alex Bergwall, the face of the wildly successful ghost hunting show "Gone Ghosting," finds himself at the center of a scandal when he's exposed for faking paranormal discoveries. Desperate for a shot at redemption, Alex and his team take on the ultimate challenge: a live-streamed, week-long investigation at the long-abandoned and notoriously haunted Raven Castle.

The team must uncover the truth of Raven Castle, which will lead them on a ghost hunt where there's no need for tricks or deception - for the first time in their lives, the ghost hunters are truly terrified and must confront their fears to survive the bloody horrors of Raven Castle.