By Oskar Mellander


Original title: Canceled
Director: Oskar Mellander
Cast: Vincent Grahl, Fanny Klefelt, William Wasberg, Felicia Kartal, Emma Valev
Genre: Horror
Duration: 96 min
Language: Swedish
Country of origin: Sweden
Scriptwriter: Paolo Vacirca, Henry Stenberg
Cinematographer: Mårten Stenberg
Editor: Tomas Holmberg, Mattias Håkansson
Production Company: Scandinavian Content Group
Producers: Paolo Vacirca, Alexander Eriksson, Joakim Lundell
Production year: 2023
Executive producers: Hans Engholm, Börje Hansson, Rasmus Krogh
Budget EUR: EUR2.3M
Local release: 25-08-2023
Film status: Completed

A charismatic TV host Alex Bergwall, the face of the wildly successful ghost hunting show "Gone Ghosting," finds himself at the center of a scandal when he's exposed for faking paranormal discoveries. Desperate for a shot at redemption, Alex and his team take on the ultimate challenge: a live-streamed, week-long investigation at the long-abandoned and notoriously haunted Raven Castle.

The team must uncover the truth of Raven Castle, which will lead them on a ghost hunt where there's no need for tricks or deception - for the first time in their lives, the ghost hunters are truly terrified and must confront their fears to survive the bloody horrors of Raven Castle.




Festival overview

Official Selection at Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2024