By Måns Mårlind & Björn Stein


Title: SWOON
Original title: SWOON
Director: Måns Mårlind & Björn Stein
Producers: Kristina Åberg
Executive producers: Tarik Saleh, Lars Rodvaldr
Film status: Internationally Premiered
Cast: Pernilla August, Albin Grenholm, Frida Gustavsson, Robert Gustafsson
Genre: Magical Romance
Budget EUR: 5.5M
Duration: 100 min
Language: SWEDISH
Additional Languages: Deutsch
Country of origin: Sweden
Production Company: ATMO Rights AB
Scriptwriter: Måns Mårlind
Cinematographer: Aril Wretblad
Production year: 2019
Editor: Björn Stein
Local release: 14-02-2019

SWOON is the story about two rivaling amusement parks in a raging feud. GRÖNA LUND is the respected and bourgeois alternative in contrast to NÖJESFÄLTET across the alley that offers cheap beer, strippers and run-down attractions. The two families, ruling their miniature nations of rides, fortune wheels and cotton candy are determined to destroy one another when their young heirs Ninni and John unexpectedly fall in love. In the shadow of the Second World War the conflict escalates between the families in a magical and swirling tale of war, treachery and forbidden love.