Variety: TrustNordisk Unveils Trailer For Teenage Romance ‘So Damn Easy Going’ (EXCLUSIVE)

By Variety / Elsa Keslassy



TrustNordisk is unveiling the trailer for Christoffer Sandler’s feature directing debut “So Damn Easy Going,” a teenage romantic dramedy.

The film is headlined by a Swedish cast of newcomers Nikki Hanseblad and Melina Paukkonen and Shanti Roney (“Nymphomaniac: Vol. II). Sandler penned the script with Lina Åström, Jessika Jankert and Linda-Maria Birbeck.

The heartwarming coming-of-age love story revolves about Joanna, an 18-year-old girl whose mind is like a flashing amusement park at peak season. She is 18 years old and needs ADHD meds to keep her buzzy brain in order. With a depressed father whose sick pay is barely covering the rent, money runs out and Joanna sets off to hunt for money to pay for her medication. In the midst of the chaos, she falls in love with the charming and confident Audrey.

“So Damn Easy Going” is produced by Annika Hellström and Erika Malmgren, the banner behind the Sundance prize-winning film “And Breathe Normally” and (2019) and Toronto award-winning movie “Phoenix.”

“It’s a charming film with some exciting fresh faces and a great visual style and a modern tone,” said Naya Mørch-Jessen at TrustNordisk. “It has the same edge as our Norwegian film ‘Ninjababy’, and we expect the film to perform just as good internationally as Ninjababy,” added the executive.

“So Damn Easy Going” will be released in Sweden by TriArt in February. Although the movie marks Sandler’s feature debut, the helmer has a strong track record in TV, having directed several teen-skewing TV shows, including “Ellen & Vera” and “Initiativet.”

The movie is co-produced by Hummelfilm, Film i Väst and SVT, with the support from Swedish Film Institute, the Norwegian Film Institute, Creative Europe, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Lindholmen Science Park and the City of Gothenburg, in collaboration with the Swedish streaming platform Cmore.

TrustNordisk’s slate also includes Danish director Malou Reymann’s “Ustyrlig,” a historical drama about a Sprogø Women’s Institution in the 1930s.

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