By Elsa Keslassy / Variety




TrustNordisk has come on board Nini Bull Robsahm´s high-concept horror thriller “Lake of Death,” an adaptation of André Bjerke´s classic 1942 Norwegian novel “Lake of the Dead.”


“Lake of Death” is produced by Thomas Robsahm and Fredrik Pryser for Canopy Film in association with Pryserfilm with support from the Norwegian Film Institute. Robsahm, who is best-known for directing “Manhunt” and “Amnesia,” is one the few female directors thriving within the crime genre in Scandinavia.


Budgeted at $2.5 million, “Lake of Death” follows a small group of friends who a battle to survive in the middle of the forests and fjords of Norway. The story is based on Norwegian legend thought to be an innocent folklore. “Lake of Death” stars Iben Akerlie, Jacob Andersen Schoyen, Jonathan Harboe and Sophia Lie.


Bjerke´s book was previously adapted as a black-and-white horror feature film in 1958 by Kare Bergstrom.


TrustNordisk will be presenting a teaser of the film at its promo-reel screening at AFM. Now in post-production, the movie will be released in Scandinavia by SF Studios on Oct. 2, 2019.