US Press Coverage on IN A BETTER WORLD



Oscar winner IN A BETTER WORLD has recieved great reviews from the US press.

Here is our pick from the bunch.






Reuters interviews Susanne Bier. Read it here.  

Susanne Bier Feature on LA-Times. Read it here.  

Positive mentioning at Entertainment Today. Read more here 

Interview with Susanne Bier from Sundance by BBC´s Tom Brook. Watch it here.

Susanne Bier interview on Read and watch it here.

Review by Kimberly Gadette at Indie Movies Online. Read it here.

Susanne Bier interview at Read it here.

David Poland interviews Susanne Bier for Movie City News. Watch it here.  

Susanne Bier on Read it here.

Box Office Magazine - Positive review by Steve Ramos. Read it here.

Minneapolis Star Tribune - Positive review of “In A Better World” by Colin Covert. Read more here.

Susanne Bier interview with Christine Aylward from Watch it here.

Great review by Jeff Wells from Hollywood Elsewhere, who writes:  “Within a half hour I knew I'd be putting it at the top of my Best of Sundance list." Read more here.

Entertainment - Interview with Susanne Bier by Eric Hynes. Read it here.

Positive review by Adam Palcher from Salt Lake Magazine. Read it here.

New York Times interview with Susanne Bier by Larry Rohter. Read it here.

Interview with Susanne Bier at the Governor´s Ball. Watch it here.