TrustNordisk secures more deals for 'The Quake'

By Wendy Mitchell / SCREENDAILY



EXCLUSIVE: Disaster film from the producers of 2015 hit ‘The Wave´.


TrustNordisk continues to shake up deals for its new disaster film The Quake. New sales include to Poland (Mówis Serwis Dystrybucja Spólka), former Yugoslavia (Cinemania Groupicon), Spain (Selectavision) and Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia (CM Holdings).


As previously reported, sales already done include German-speaking territories (SquareOne), Latin America (California), China (DD Dream), Hong Kong (Sundream), Taiwan (Moviecloud), Middle East (Gulf) and South Korea (AtNine).


Director John Andreas Andersen will shoot the film this autumn. The $6.4m project marks a return to the disaster genre for Fantefilm, producers of hit The Wave (also a big seller for TrustNordisk, pictured), this time inspired by a real earthquake in Oslo in 1904. The Quake is slated for release in Norway on August 30, 2018.


The project reunites The Wave´s producers Martin Sundland and Are Heidenstrøm of Fantefilm and scriptwriters Harald Rosenløw Eeg and John Kåre Raake. The Norwegian Film Institute is backing.