TrustNordisk goes to the EFM with a disaster that might happen

By Jorn Rossing Jensen / CINEUROPA



Screening four films in this year´s European Film Market programme, the international sales agent has another seven titles in its line-up, including Lars von Trier´s latest


The top title on the line-up of Denmark´s TrustNordisk international sales agent for the European Film Market (11-17 February) at the Berlin International Film Festival will not shoot until the autumn: Norwegian cinematographer-turned-director John Andreas Andersen´s The Quake, Norway´s second disaster movie, following 2015´s The Wave. 


Hitting number one on the 2015 Norwegian charts, with more than 800,000 admissions, The Wave was sold worldwide; also scripted by Norwegian screenwriters Harald Rosenløw Eeg and John Kåre Raake, The Quake is the story of a disaster that might happen - at any point between tomorrow and 100 years´ time - again with Kristoffer Joner and Ane Dahl Torp in the leads. In 1904, an earthquake of 5.4 on the Richter scale shook Norway´s capital of Oslo; geologists have found signs that another major quake could be imminent, and this is the theme of the film staged by Norwegian The Wave producers Martin Sundland and Are Heidenstrøm, of Fantefilm Fiksjon.


TrustNordisk is also starting pre-sales for Danish director Lars von Trier´s The House that Jack Built, following the murders committed by a serial killer over 12 years, which he believes are works of art. The €8.76 million Louise Vesth production for Zentropa Entertainments, starring US actor Matt Dillon and Swiss actor Bruno Ganz, will be ready in 2018.


Among its European Film Market screeners, TrustNordisk will be focusing on Danish director Fenar Ahmad´s Darkland, with Dar Salim and Stine Fischer Christensen in the leads, an action-thriller about a successful surgeon who loses his younger brother in a gang-related assault and becomes a masked warrior to avenge his death.


Swiss writer-director Petra Volpe´s The Divine Order stars Marie Leuenberger as a young housewife living with her husband and their two sons in a small village, unaffected by the upheavals of 1968 - until she starts to publicly fight for women´s suffrage, which is up for a 1971 vote.


Norwegian writer-director Kristoffer Borgli´s Drib, with Brett Gelman in the lead, portrays a performance artist and stand-up comedian whose staged fight videos from Oslo go viral and hit the international headlines in 2014. A Los Angeles agency then sees an opportunity to exploit his newfound fame.


TrustNordisk is also marketing Danish writer-director Ole Borneda´s Small Town Killers, which is now closing in on 230,000 admissions at the Danish box office. The thriller starring Ulrich Thomsen and Nicolas Bro follows two men who hire a Russian contract killer to get rid of their wives.