TrustNordisk Boards ‘The Shamer’s Daughter II – The Serpent Gift’ (EXCLUSIVE)

By Elskes / VARIETY



Scandinavia´s top sales company TrustNordisk has come on board Ask Hasselbalch´s ambitious fantasy adventure film “The Shamer´s Daughter II - The Serpent Gift,” the second opus of the franchise based on Lene Kaaberbø´s bestselling fantasy book series.


“The Shamer´s Daughter II - The Serpent Gift” is headlined by a stellar Nordic cast, including Emilie Sattrup, who starred in the first installment, “The Shamer´s Daughter” (pictured), as well as Jakob Oftebro (“Kon-Tiki”) and Søren Malling (“A Hijacking”).


“The Serpent Gift” brings back Dina, a young woman who unwillingly inherited her mother´s supernatural ability. In “The Serpent Gift,” a dragon lord is planning to invade the Highlands and destroy any chance of a respectable and independent life. Faced with multiple threats, Dina embarks on a perilous journey with her estranged father who has the power to make people see illusions, to rescue Nico, another lord, and Davin, her brother, who have been imprisoned. Through her journey, Dina discovers that she possesses her father´s abilities on top of her own supernatural abilities.


Hasselbalch is best known for directing the award winning superhero trilogy “Antboy.”


Now in post, “The Serpent Gift” will be released in Scandinavia on Feb. 7. TrustNordisk will be showing a promo of the film in Cannes on May 9.


TrustNordisk, which is now headed by Susan Wendt (who has just taken over from Rikke Ennis), will also be at Cannes Film Festival with Lars von Trier´s anticipated thriller “The House that Jack Built.”