‘The Divine Order’ Clip: Swiss Women Fight for Their Rights in Incredibly Timely Tribeca Drama — Watch the exclusive clip at IndieWire

By Allison Picurro / Indiewire



The fight for women´s equality spans a much wider breadth than pink pussy hats and asking celebrities if they consider themselves feminists, but you may not yet be versed in the history of Switzerland´s own feminist movement. Petra Volpe´s new film, “The Divine Order,” seeks to change that.


The film, which takes place in 1971 on the Swiss countryside, tells a story that may hit a bit close to home for many women. Nora, a housewife and mother of two, lives in a village where news of civil rights protests, the sexual revolution, and the counter-culture movements are barely a topic of discussion. But when Nora, a previously quiet and well-liked person, begins to publicly fight for Swiss women´s right to vote, her quaint community is permanently affected.


The film will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 21. Check out our exclusive clip here.