ROLLING STONE: Mads Mikkelsen Is Out to Conquer Denmark in ‘The Promised Land’ Trailer



MADS MIKKELSEN EMBODIES real-life captain Ludvig Kahlen in a new trailer for The Promised Land. The historical drama, directed by Nikolaj Arcel, is set to premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

The clip reveals Mikkelsen as Kahlen, who set out to conquer the harsh, uninhabitable Danish heath with the aim of building a colony in the name of the King. A synopsis for the film describes it as “a gripping story about the conquest of the heath, the tale of a proud and uncompromising man, and the woman who becomes his ally in the fight against evil, death and perdition.”

The Promised Land also stars Amanda Collin, Magnus Krepper, Gustav Lindh, and Simon Bennebjerg. It was written by Arcel alongside Danish screenwriter and director Anders Thomas Jensen, who helmed Mikkelsen’s 2021 film Riders of Justice.

Earlier this year Mikkelsen starred opposite Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, playing villain Jürgen Voller. The actor has made a successful career of alternating between big-budget Hollywood blockbusters and Danish films like The Promised Land.

In 2016, he told Rolling Stone he prefers to go back and forth between films like Star Wars: Rogue One and The Hunt.

“I don’t think I would want to fly around on wires eight films in a row, but I love doing it, and I’ll do it again,” Mikkelsen said. “At a certain point, though, you want to go the other way: ‘Please give me The Hunt again.’ Something small. But if I do eight of those films, then I’ll go, ‘Please let me fly around with a sword again!’”

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