We are pleased to announce that TrustNordisk will be handling the international sales of new historical drama BETRAYED, created by the successful team behind THE QUAKE, THE WAVE and the newly announced THE NORTH SEA.


BETRAYED will be directed by Eirik Svensson and produced by Fantefilm´s experienced Martin Sundland (THE WAVE, 2015; THE QUAKE, 2018; COLD PREY, 2006) Catrin Gundersen and Therese Bøhn.


The film is based on Marte Michelet´s book The Ultimate Crime, adapted for the silver screen by the award-winner scriptwriter Harald Rosenløw Eeg (THE KING´S CHOICE, 2016; THE QUAKE, 2018) and Lars Gudmestad (HEADHUNTERS, 2011; BUDDY, 2003).

The Holocaust film, based on a true story, features one of the most dramatic chapters in Norwegian history. 



During World War II, millions of Jews from all over Europe are deported and killed in German concentration camps. When the German troops invade Norway, the Norwegian Jews feel safe and protected. But anti-Semitism knows no borders and as the war escalates in Europe, the situation changes drastically. Suddenly, their radios are taken away; their passports are stamped with a big J and one day, all the men over the age of 15 are arrested and taken to prisons camps. Many of the women left behind are too frightened to escape and are desperately waiting for their husbands and sons to come back home. On November 26, 1942, hundreds of Jews are picked up by the police in the middle of the night and are transported to the dock in Oslo. Unknowing and frightened men, women, children, sick and old are forced on board the awaiting German cargo ship “SS DONAU”. 

The ship leaves with 532 Norwegian Jews onboard; 302 men, 188 women and 42 children. The end station is Auschwitz. 


BETRAYED is based on the true story of the Braude family. An ordinary Norwegian family whose fate is sealed by the fact that they are Jews. 


BETRAYED is produced by Martin Sundland, Catrin Gundersen and Therese Bøhn from Fantefilm Fiksjon, with production support from The Norwegian Film Institute and distribution by Nordisk Film. 


Filming is set to start December 2019, and the expected release date is October 2020.


For more information about the film, please click here.