By Fredrik Dupont



We at TrustNordisk are excited to announce that we have acquired the sales rights for Gustav Möller´s writer/director debut feature THE GUILTY, which is currently in post-production.


THE GUILTY is produced by Lina Flint through Nordisk Film SPRING, a new exciting initiative that was kickstarted two years ago in Copenhagen, Denmark by a group of young filmmakers in collaboration with Nordisk Film, one of the leading distributers and producers in the Nordics. SPRING is an experimental creative collective, initiated to develop new upcoming talents and methods. Nordisk Film Distribution, Nordisk Film SPRING and TrustNordisk have joined forces to assure that these new upcoming talents get the international attention they deserve, both in the distribution and in the sales circuit. 


THE GUILTY is the first feature film to premiere from the initiative. The film is a nail biting thriller about former police officer, ASGER HOLM, who answers an emergency call from a kidnapped woman. When the call is suddenly disconnected, the search for the woman and her kidnapper begins. With the phone as his only tool, Asger enters a race against time, and soon he realizes that he must face his own inner demons to save the endangered woman. 


THE GUILTY stars Jakob Cedergreen (TERRIBLY HAPPY, 2008; SUBMARINO, 2010) in the predominant lead. And the film is not just an intense crime thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, it is also a radical film experiment. The film takes place in real time at a local emergency call center, and instead of large action set pieces, the camera stays with the film´s protagonist Asger throughout the whole film, letting the audience experience everything as he does, and leaving it to the audience´s imagination to fill in the blanks and create their own images of what happens outside the confines of the building.


Lina Flint, executive producer in SPRING and one of the founders of the initiative, says: ""I am proud to present THE GUILTY and I think it is a really brave and promising film Gustav did. The purpose of Nordisk Film SPRING is to create the framework for a creative, inspiring and playful space for a very big handful of promising new film creators in Denmark. We want to explore the power of the collective processes, the pure passion, originality, freedom and an experimental way of developing and producing film and series.”


TrustNordisk is excited to be part of SPRING. Head of Sales, Susan Wendt says: “At TrustNordisk we are very happy to be a part of an exciting and creative initiative such as SPRING and we are looking forward to represent THE GUILTY on the international film market.”


SPRING is currently producing several projects, among these a comedy TV series JOE TECH, directed by Thomas Daneskov (THE ELITE, 2015) and an animated short film HOME GROWN, directed by William Reynish, both of them will premiere later this year.


THE GUILTY is produced by Lina Flint for Nordisk Film SPRING in collaboration with Nordisk Film Production A/S with support from The Danish Filminstitute, New Danish Screen.


A teaser of the film will be presented in TrustNordisk´s promo-reel in Cannes. 


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