We are proud to announce that The Norwegian

Academy Award Committee has submitted Hans Petter Moland´s OUT STEALING HORSES as

the Norwegian entry for the Best International Feature Film category at the

Academy Awards®.



STEALING HORSES has been selected as the Norwegian entry for the Best

International Feature Film category at the Academy Awards®. Nominations for the

92nd Academy Awards will be announced on January 13th, and the ceremony will

take place on February 9th at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. The film has

had great success after its world premiere at the Berlinale Palast in February.

Favor of many critics, the film won the jury´s hearts at this year´s Berlin

International Film Festival and was awarded the Silver Bear for Outstanding

Artistic Contribution for its cinematography. 




has closed a number of deals on OUT STEALING HORSES including Germany and

German-speaking Europe (MFA), China (DD Dream International Media), Benelux

(September Film Rights), Czech Republic and Slovakia (Film Europe), Eastern

Europe (Discovery Film & Video), Greece (Videorama), Italy (Minerva

Pictures Group), Australia and New Zealand (Palace Films), South Africa and

Africa (Comart Films), Russia (Russian World Vision), Taiwan (Proview

Entertainment), Singapore (Global Eagle Entertainment), Hungary (Vertigo

Media), Estonia (Estin Film) and Lithuania (Scanorama).




STEALING HORSES is truly a high-profile project, both written and directed by

the award-winning Hans Petter Moland, and starring internationally acclaimed

Stellan Skarsgård in the lead role (IN ORDER OF DISAPPEARANCE, 2014;

MELANCHOLIA, 2011; NYMPHOMANIAC, 2013). The film further stars Tobias Santelmann

(KON-TIKI, 2012; HOMELAND, 2015; CONGO, 2018) and Bjørn Floberg (INSOMNIA,

1997; KINGSMAN: SECRET SERVICE, 2014), among others.



The film is

based on the critically acclaimed international bestseller written by Per

Petterson, whose books have been translated into more than 50 languages. Out

Stealing Horses won the International Dublin Literary Award in 2007 and was on

New York Times list of “5 best fictional novels of 2007”. 






1999. 67-year-old Trond lives in new-found solitude and looks forward to

spending New Year´s Eve 2000 alone. As winter arrives, he discovers he has a

neighbor, a man Trond knew back in 1948, the summer he turned 15 and the summer

Trond´s father prepared him to carry the burden of his forthcoming betrayal and

disappearance. And also the summer Trond grew up and smelled the scent of a

woman he longed for. The same woman Trond´s father was preparing to spend his

life with.



The film is produced by Håkon Øverås and Turid

Øversveen for Norway´s 4½ Fiksjon, with Zentropa in Denmark and Zentropa

International in Sweden. Further support came from Helgeland Film, Film i Vast

and Nordisk Film, as well as the Norwegian Film Institute, the Danish Film

Institute, the Swedish Film Institute and Nordisk Film & TV Fond.




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