By Fredrik Dupont



We are thrilled to announce that Erik Skjoldbjærg´s PYROMANIAC has been selected for the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 41st Toronto International Film Festival. 


PYROMANIAC is based on the critically acclaimed book BEFORE I BURN by Gaute Heivoll and premiered locally earlier this year to amazing reviews. PYROMANIAC will celebrate its international premiere at Toronto International Film Festival.


Erik Skjoldbjærg has previously directed films such as INSOMNIA (1997), PROZAC NATION (2001) and PIONEER (2013). He is also both the writer and director behind the TV series OCCUPIED (2015).


PYROMANIAC has been sold to Latin America (California Filmes), China (DD Dream International Media), Korea (Sidus FNH Corporation), former Yugoslavia (Cinemania Group), Estonia (Estin Film) and Turkey (Sinema TV Yay. VE PROD).


The year is 1981 and it is summer in the little village of Finsland. Dag is 19 years old and has spent his childhood in the countryside living with his parents. His father is chief of the local volunteer fire brigade and Dag has since he was a child been going along with his father to the call-outs. Dag has recently returned after a year of military service and his parents notice that he has changed. Then the fires begin.


The film is produced by Edward Dreyer and Aage Aaberge for Glør Film, co-produced by Bleck Film Sweden and Neue Road Movies Germany with support from The Norwegian Film Institute, Nordisk Film, Fuzz, Swedish Film Institute,  Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Eikeland and Haug, ZDF/Arte and NRK. 


Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 8th-18th 2016.


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