We are very proud to announce two officially selected titles to this year's Toronto International Film Festival.


BEFORE THE FROST directed by Michael Noer and THAT TIME OF YEAR directed by Paprika Steen has been selected for the Contemporary World Cinema section at this year´s festival.

BEFORE THE FROSTis award-winning director Michael Noer´s return to Danish film after having directed the biographical film PAPILLON (2017) starring Rami Malek and Charlie Hunnam. 

BEFORE THE FROST is also Noer´s return to his distinct visual style and philosophy of “reality rules” which has brought him international recognition. Cinematography by renowned Sturla Brandth Grøvlen (VICTORIA, 2015). 

The film is a dark period tale about one man´s wish for a better life for him and his daughter and the consequences of forgetting who you are in the pursuit of something greater. The film stars the internationally acclaimed Jesper Christensen in the lead, known for his role as Mr. White in James Bond, as well as roles in Lars von Trier´s MELANCHOLIA (2011) and NYMPHOMNAIC (2013) and the lead in last year´s Academy Award® nominated THE KING´S CHOICE (2016). Several of Noer´s previous films have travelled the festival circuit including R: HIT FIRST, HIT HARDEST (2010), NORTHWEST (2013) and KEY HOUSE MIRROR (2015).


As winter approaches in rural 1850s Denmark, an old farmer (Jens) and his family face starvation. The harsh circumstances and with the prospect of yet another tough winter, Jens must make an unbearable choice. If the family is to survive he must settle an agreement with the wealthy farmer at the nearby farm and forsake his own moral and the most precious he owns, in an effort to secure them all a better life.


The film is produced by René Ezra, Matilda Appelin & Tomas Radoor for Nordisk Film Production A/S.

Nordic distribution through Nordisk Film.

Local release January 10th, 2019.

THAT TIME OF YEAR is a quirky ensemble dramedy about that special time of year, Christmas and all the family drama that goes along with it. 


It stars Paprika Steen, Sofie Gråbøl (THE KILLING, 2012; THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT, 2018), Jacob Lohmann (THE GUILTY, 2018), Lars Brygmann (ACROSS THE WATERS, 2016), Karen-Lise Mynster (WALK WITH ME, 2016), Lars Knutzon (YOU DISAPPEAR, 2017), Patricia Schumann (SUBMARINO, 2010) and Fanny Leander Bornedal (THE PURITY OF VENGEANCE, 2018), amongst others.


This year at Katrine and Mads' house the family will once again be united around Christmas Eve and on a traditional holiday like this, there has to be room for everyone; the divorced parents, the youngest sister and her new husband and not least the teenage daughter of the family, struggling to get her mother's attention. Underneath the surface the explosion lurks as flammable as a dry spruce and when the truth starts to appear, the illusion of holiday peace, that we so deeply insist on, shatters.


THAT TIME OF YEAR is produced by Mikael Rieks for Nordisk Film Production A/S with support from TV2, FilmFyn v/Bo Damgaard and the Danish Film Institute.

Nordic distribution through Nordisk Film.

Local release November 8th, 2018.



Public Relations on both titles handled by Sunshine Sachs: