Nordisk Film & TV Fond: The North Sea sells to more than 30 territories

By Nordisk Film & TV Fond / Annika Pham



TrustNordisk has added China, Australia, New Zealand, Greece and Portugal to the list of territories where the top selling Norwegian disaster film is set to open.

The latest buyers who have acquired John Andreas Andersen’s film are Rialto for Australia/New Zealand, Neo Films for Greece, Films4You for Portugal, and DD Dream for China.

Other top distributors announced earlier include Magnolia Pictures for the US, Mongrel Media for Canada, California Filmes for Latin America, Elysian Film Group for the UK, Mediawan for Franc, Just Licensing for Benelux, Koch Films for Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Mediaset for Spain, (Koch Films), Spain, Minerva Pictures Group for Italy, Hagi for Poland, Cinemania for Former Yugoslavia, Foxx for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, VLG.FILM for Russia and the Baltics, Impact Films for India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Inter Film for Japan, AtNine for South Korea, Moviecloud for Taiwan and Sundream for Hong Kong.

The Fantefilm production backed by Nordisk Film & TV Fond took the top of the Norwegian film charts for the second weekend in a row. With 134,081 admissions, The North Sea is the seventh biggest film of 2021, just behind Joachim Trier’s The Worst Person in the World watched by 162,074 filmgoers after six weeks, according to

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