Nordisk Film & TV Fond: Stellar Nordic cast joins Department Q Film Boundless by Ole Christian Madsen

By Annika Pham



Boundless (Den Grænseløse) is the second Danish film in Nordisk Film Production’s screen adaptations of Jussi Adler-Olsen’s Department Q crime books series, after The Marco Effect.

In Boundless, Ulrich Thomsen reprises his role as police inspector Carl Mørck which he held in The Marco Effect, directed by Martin Zandvliet. The star actor is reunited with Ole Christian Madsen (The Day We Died) who directed him in HBO’s US TV show Banshee.

Mørck’s famous side-kick Assad is played by Afshin Firouzi, cast earlier in Madsen’s film Powder Keg and Lone Scherfig’s series The Shift.

In the third biggest role as Department Q’s Rose is Sofie Torp, Robert-winner - Best Supporting Actress for the drama Daniel (2019).

In the new crime thriller, Rose is sent to Bornholm to talk to Carl Mørck's old friend and colleague, Christian Habersaat. But when he shoots himself in front of her at his farewell party, Rose is thrown back into her own traumatic past.

When the newly engaged Carl later arrives on the island, he, Rose and Assad are drawn into a cold case about a gruesome murder of a young, female high school student. The murder, which was officially dismissed as a traffic accident, turns out to be connected to the local police circle and a secret sun-worshipping cult.

The film produced by Mikael Rieks and Malene Blenkov for Nordisk Film Production Denmark, is co-produced by Germany’s Nadcon Film, in association with Denmark’s Hyæne Film and Latvia’s Münchhausen Productions. It is co-financed by the Danish Film Institute, ZDF, TV2 Denmark, TV2 Norway, LIAA Film Investment Agency Latvia and the Estonian Film Institute.

The Danish theatrical release is set for February 1st, 2024.

Nordisk Film plans to produce a total of six Department Q films.

Four earlier films produced by Zentropa with Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Fares Fares in the title roles, were massive hits at the Danish box office.


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