Lilja Ingolfsdottir’s feature debut, Loveable, to premiere at Karlovy Vary



Writer-director Lilja Ingolfsdottir’s debut feature, Loveable, will world-premiere at the upcoming Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, running this year from 28 June-6 July. The picture will be showcased in the Crystal Globe competition of the A-list gathering (see the news). The feature was presented during the Finnish Film Affair and subsequently took home the Top Prize for Best Upcoming Nordic Project.

Before embarking on the making of her first feature, Ingolfsdottir helmed several shorts, including What We Fear (2022) and Neglect (2010).

Loveable revolves around 40-year-old Maria, a mother of four, who must come to terms with herself when her husband says that he wants a divorce. The creative team bills it as “an interpersonal film about a break-up, but also about a woman’s opportunity for self-knowledge and growth, and having to deal with unconscious and dysfunctional patterns in herself”.

The main cast includes Helga Guren (22 July), Oddgeir Thune (Blind Spot [+]) and Elisabeth Sand. Key creatives are DoP Øystein Mamen and editor Anton Robsahm, who cut the picture alongside Ingolfsdottir.

Budgeted at €900,000, Loveable is being staged by Thomas Robsahm (The Worst Person in the World [+]) for Nordisk Film Production A/S (Denmark) and Amarcord (Norway), with backing from the Norwegian Film Institute and the Nordisk Film & TV Fond. The executive producers are Sveinung Golimo and Henrik Zein. Its domestic distribution has been entrusted to Nordisk Film Distribution, whilst its international sales are being handled by TrustNordisk.

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