Lars Von Trier Adds Uma Thurman To The House That Jack Built

By James White / EMPIRE ONLINE



As he prepares to make his new movie, Danish director and all-round cinematic troublemaker Lars von Trier is adding two people who have form in his films. Uma Thurman and Siobhan Fallon Hogan are both on board The House That Jack Built.


Matt Dillon is playing the titular Jack, whose name is not followed by "The Ripper" but he's certainly sliced from similar cloth. The film's story follows the frighteningly intelligent (and downright frightening) Jack across 12 years and zeroes in on five incidents that shaped his development as a serial killer. He's a man who sees each of his murders of a work of art, even as his social dysfunction makes interacting with the outside world a problem.


As the police start to close in, he becomes set on taking greater risks. Nymphomaniac veteran Thurman and Hogan, who appeared in Dogville and Dancer In The Dark will be two women who cross paths with Jack. They join a cast that already includes Riley Keough, Sofie Gråbøl and Bruno Ganz.


Von Trier, who originally planned the idea as a TV series, is kicking off shooting this month in Sweden and will follow that with a stint in Denmark in May.