Kaspar Munk’s Fantasy Film ‘Wildwitch’ Lands at TrustNordisk

By Elsa Keslassy / Variety



TrustNordisk has boarded “Wildwitch,” Kaspar Munk´s (“You & Me Forever”) ambitious fantasy film based on Danish author Lene Kaaberbø´s best-selling books.


Produced by Good Company Films, “Wildwitch” just started shooting in Hungary with Gerda Lie Kaas and Sonja Richter (“The Keeper of Lost Causes”) in the main roles.


“Wildwitch” will screen at the Norwegian International Film Festival in the New Nordic Films work in progress section.


Adapted from the best-selling novels by Bo Hr. Hansen and Poul Berg, “Wildwitch” follows a 12-year-old girl, Clara, who gets scratched by a mysterious black cat and discovers she can communicate with the feline. She soon realizes that she belongs to a family of witches with a strong connection to nature and animals.


The film is co-produced by Danish public broadcaster TV2, with Nevision in the U.K., Yellow Bird in Sweden, Cinenord Kidstory in Norway, and Proton in Hungary. Nordisk Film will release the movie in Scandinavia in October 2018.


Kaaberbø´s other well known novels include “The Shamer´s Daughter,” which was adapted into a 2015 fantasy film. The book´s sequel, also penned by Kaaberbøl, is currently being developed.


Other films on TrustNordisk´s Haugesund Film Festival slate include “3 Things,” a Danish thriller headlined by “Game of Thrones” star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau that will play in the New Nordic Films section; Ole Borneda´s “Small Town Killers,” set for the Nordic Focus sidebar; and Óskar Thór Axelsson´s Icelandic supernatural thriller “I Remember You,” set for a market screening.